Don Lemon was auctioned off for a date during a Philadelphia convention over the weekend, The Philly Post reported.

The CNN anchor was in Philadelphia to address the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association's (NLGJA) 2011 national convention taking place at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, located in the heart of the city. Today Show co-host Ann Curry also spoke to the crowd.

Lemon came out gay during a May interview with The New York Times, becoming the third high-profile openly gay news personality behind MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and Rachel Maddow. He talks about his experience as a gay man working in television news in his 264-page memoir Transparent.

The 45-year-old anchor has said the response to his announcement has been “99.9 percent” positive.

“I'm lighter and freer,” he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It makes me better on air. I'm not trying to hide anything.”

On Saturday night, Internet entrepreneur David Hauslaib, the founder and former owner of gay blog, bid up a date with Lemon to $1,050.

“When the auctioneer yelled, 'Sold,' I said, 'You can't say sold to a black man!,” Lemon joked.

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