Philipp Lahm, the captain of Germany's Bayern Munich football team, has denied rumors he's gay.

In his memoir A Subtle Difference, Lahm, 27, insists his marriage is not a sham.

“First, I am not a homosexual. I am not married to my wife Claudia for appearances and I do not have a friend in Cologne with whom I really live,” Lahm wrote.

He goes on to blast the gossipers.

“This speculation doesn't matter to me. I have nothing against homosexuals and I find that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.”

“But it never ceases to amaze me that these isolated types, who tell these stories, can have a lot of influence on public opinion. 'Philipp Lahm homosexual' …. do you have anything more important to talk about?”

But would a gay Lahm come out? According to Lahm, no.

“I would not advise any gay professional footballer to come out.”

“I would fear that he could end up like Justin Fashanu who after he outed himself was driven into such a corner that he ended up committing suicide,” he added, referring to the first professional player in Britain to come out during his career. In 1998, while living in Maryland, he was accused of sexual assault and later committed suicide.