Jerry Buell faced jihad against him for his recent comments opposing gay marrriage, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown says.

Brown, who helms the nation's most vocal group opposed to gay marriage, told supporters in a recent blog update that Buell was the victim of a holy war.

Buell is the Florida school teacher who faced suspension for posting on his Facebook page that passage of a marriage equality law in New York had made him sick. He returned to the classroom on Thursday after arguing that such speech was protected under the First Amendment. School officials would not comment on whether Buell had been reprimanded.

“The fatwa against Jerry Buell … has just failed!” Brown wrote. “Jerry won a battle, but the jihad continues.”

Brown went on describe the gay marriage debate as an attempt to oppress opponents.

“But you and I have always fought together under the banner of truth. Together, truth and love will prevail, as [NOM board chair] Maggie [Gallagher] says. Not truth without the love of God and our neighbor in our hearts. Nor a Love which is afraid to speak truth for fear of being labeled a bigot or a hater by those who wield scorn and hatred as a weapon to suppress the truth and those who speak it.”

“They can only win if they can get us to accept and internalize the second-class status they propose for us. To accept our own marginalization, to be quiet, to stand down and keep our heads down.”

“We are looking into the face of a movement which wants, in the name of equality, to take away your rights and the rights of millions of decent, loving, law-abiding Americans who 'cling' – yes, I'm not afraid to call it that! – to God, common sense, and the best of America's long traditions of respect for Judeo-Christian values.”

Similar rhetoric has also been heard on the campaign trail. At a South Carolina stop, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum claimed the gay community had waged jihad against him for his opposition to marriage equality.