Glee, the Fox musical-comedy television series, is promoting being gay to children, social conservative Matt Philbin says.

Philbin, the managing editor of the Culture and Media Institute (CMI), appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to talk about the upcoming fall television season.

He warned parents to keep children away from “trashy” shows such as Glee, The Playboy Club and Gossip Girls.

“Essentially, Hollywood is out of ideas when it comes to sitcoms, when it comes to prime-time dramas. Everything has to now focus on sex,” Philbin said. “There are several new sitcoms that turn – the entire plot depends – on characters having had hook ups, characters having bad relationships, and, you know, going out to find sex after – going out to find rebound sex.”

Speaking directly about Glee, Philbin said: “Sex is a major theme throughout as is homosexuality, both male and female, it's a show that's making some … covert political statements. And it's slipping them into fare that they are absolutely promoting to teenagers.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Glee's four major open or closeted gay characters have earned it the nickname of the “gayest show on television.”

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