The Vatican is investigating the outreach work of Raul Vera, the Catholic bishop of Saltillo, Mexico.

Vera confirmed to the Zocalo Saltillo that the Vatican has asked him a series of questions in connection with a gay-inclusive group of Catholics headed by Noe Ruiz.

Vera has publicly affiliated his diocese with the group and sponsored its film festivals.

The bishop alleged that the inquiry was prompted by reports from the Catholic news agency ACI Prensa, which is based in Peru: “They allege that I am against the magisterium of the Church and unfortunately they are driven by prejudice and phobias against the homosexual community.”

“In the Diocese of Saltillo, we have very clear objectives,” Vera told the paper. “We work with [the gay community] to help them recover their human dignity, which is frequently attacked at home and in society, and they are treated like filthy people.”

“Some would like to weaken my work on behalf of vulnerable groups, that is what they want, but I'm going to go ahead in the struggle for human dignity which is the principle of the Gospel,” he added.