Texas Governor Rick Perry's stance on gay marriage appears to please few.

Despite not having officially entered the race for the White House, Perry continues to poll higher than the GOP's current field of candidates.

The “unapologetic social conservative” this week was forced to walk back comments he made about being “fine” with New York legalizing gay marriage.

After addressing a group of roughly 1000 conservatives in Denver on Friday, Perry told reporters that the remains committed to the 10th Amendment, but added that he supports a federal amendment banning gay marriage. Such an amendment would restrict states from deciding on the issue.

Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post called Perry's position – which is nearly identical to Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann's – a “problem.”

“Perry's backtrack annoyed some in the party who saw this as waffling,” Rubin wrote, citing an email from Margaret Hoover.

“As long as his stance hasn't changed from being an ardent 10th Amendment supporter, he can be personally opposed to same-sex marriage, but still support states rights,” Hoover said. “Perry should leave it where it is – and not go further to support a federal marriage amendment (that's so 2004).”

Rubin accurately noted that social conservatives are not looking for Perry's personal opposition, they want his support for measures that would ban gay marriage, stem its spread, and even repeal it.

“This is the sort of issue over which pols who lack experience in a national race can stumble,” Rubin wrote.