A new poll released Thursday shows openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger tied at 1 percent with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The Zogby poll of 2012 GOP presidential candidates found Texas Governor Rick Perry leading a 14-candidate field with 21 percent and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at 14 percent, despite the fact that neither lawmaker has officially entered the race. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, also an undeclared candidate, raked in 4 percent.

The leading announced candidate is Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who trails Christie by 1 percent.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty each received 2 percent.

Karger, who has been shut out of previous presidential debates, said he was hoping to secure a spot on Fox News' August 11 debate, which requires candidates score at least 1 percent in 5 national polls.

“We're almost there,” Karger said in a statement. “This is now the 3rd poll in just the past couple of months where I am averaging the magic 1%. For a first-time candidate, who has not raised millions of dollars, I am ecstatic about the results. Now we just need to score in 2 more polls and I will be standing on the stage in Ames, Iowa next month with the other candidates. As the only Independent Republican running, I look forward to getting away from the divisive issues and talking about the issues of concern to most Americans – jobs first, education reform and getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq now. I have been at this for 18 months and all that work is beginning to translate into support.”

“We’re up from 0% just four weeks ago,” he added.

Karger also recently announced that his campaign has raised $267,000 in the past 12 months.