Openly gay Olympians Matthew Mitcham and Blake Skjellerup have been named ambassadors to the 2014 Gay Games, the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) announced on Tuesday.

The Olympic style sporting event will take place in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mitcham and Skjellerup join previously named ambassadors David Kopay, John Amaechi and Greg Louganis.

“We are very grateful that both of these young men have decided to commit to the work of the Gay Games Ambassador,” said FGG Co-President Kurt Dahl. “We recognize that for athletes at the peak of their competitive career, commitments must be made with care. Each has taken their time to join us, and know that this means that they are full invested in supporting the next Gay Games.”

It is the second ambassadorship for 23-year-old Mitcham, who read the athlete's oath at the start of last year's Gay Games in Cologne, Germany. The Australian diver came out gay in 2008 before winning gold at the Olympics in Beijing.

Twenty-six-year-old short-track speed skater Skjellerup, a native of New Zealand, came out gay last year during an interview with an Australian magazine.

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