New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Sunday renewed calls for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

The lawmakers called on Congress to end the law that bans federal agencies from recognizing the legal marriages of gay and lesbian couples as New York became the sixth – and most populous – state to endorse marriage equality.

“Today marks the first day that gay and lesbian New Yorkers can legally marry and, for the first time, same-sex couples are now equal in the eyes of State law,” said Congressman Nadler.

“We should savor this historic moment, but there is still work to be done. Through DOMA, the federal government is actively discriminating against legally married same-sex couples – New Yorkers now among them – and refusing to recognize their marriages. This unjust and counterproductive law forces married gay and lesbian couples to endure dramatic financial and legal hardship, and this is utterly indefensible.”

Nadler first introduced a bill in 2009 that would repeal DOMA. The proposed legislation recently received a Senate hearing, but House Majority Leader John Boehner on Thursday said DOMA “should remain the law of the land.”

Portions of the act, which became law in 1996 under the Clinton administration, have been declared unconstitutional. President Barack Obama earlier this year decided to no longer defend the law in court and he has endorsed repeal.

“New York is sending a powerful message to the rest of the nation today as we once again lead the way for equal rights,” said Senator Gillibrand. “The right to get married and start a family is a basic, human right that must be shared by all Americans. Every loving, committed couple in America deserves this right. And no politician should stand in the way of this fact. But as hundreds of loving, committed couples celebrate this historic day by finally being able to marry the person they love, the fact remains that the federal Defense of Marriage Act will continue to discriminate against these loving committed couples. The work for full marriage equality is not done. If Democrats and Republicans can come together to do what’s right in New York, I know we can do the same in Congress to do what’s right for all of America. Now is the time to repeal this corrosive policy.”