Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley will discuss plans for a gay marriage bill on Friday, the AP reported.

O'Malley will hold an afternoon press conference to discuss how he will support proposed legislation to make Maryland the seventh state to legalize gay marriage in the next regular session of the General Assembly in January.

Earlier this month, proponents launched a broader campaign ahead of next year's legislative session.

The move comes less than four months after a marriage bill was suddenly shelved in the Maryland House after passage in the Senate.

Proponents had called on the Democratic governor, who supported this year's bill, to take on a more visible role in advocating for the measure.

“I think that would really help build our chances next session if the governor was one of the chief people advocating for this bill vocally,” Darrell Carrington told the “That would have a huge effect on the outcome.”

In remarks last week while attending the National Governors Association meeting in Salt Lake City, O'Malley said he would strongly back the new push.

O'Malley is expected to announce whether he plans to sponsor the measure.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo played a critical role in the passage of a gay marriage bill that takes effect in the Empire State on July 24.