After the Scissor Sister's self titled album exploded onto the scene like a glittery disco ball in 2004, someone at Scissor Sister's Inc. sent a little note to the Sisters, it read: Make the next one a bit more heartfelt and mainstream. And they did.

In Ta-Dah!, the Scissor Sisters have achieved a new balance between their campy pastiche disco of 2004 and mainstream pop. The Sisters surprise by replacing their previous disco track with soulful lyrics and quiet rhythms. You can witness this new style on “The Other Side”, where the Sisters sing, “If it takes another life, I'll wait for you, on the other side. I'll count our blessings, as I wait for you, on the other side.” The romance continues on “Land Of A Thousand Words” and the sentimental ballad “I Might Tell You Tonight."

Yet, Ta-Dah! is more drag-queen performance art than mainstream pop and a joyful disco beat can be found on the majority of the album. Its first single 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing” includes Sir Elton John at the piano. “I Don't Feel Like Dancing” will have you up on your feet dancing to its laser light show. Bee Gees inspired “Ooh” and “Lights” continue the dance party.

The 12 songs on Ta-Dah! offer a sonic workout, mixing upbeat disco with soulful lyrics, piano and electronics. Whimsical lyrics work best on “She's My Man” and “I Can't Decide” -- where the Sisters weight the pros and cons of killing a friend or lover. A bit of rock can be found on “Kiss You Off.”

The Scissor Sisters are Jake Shears, Scott Hoffman (Babydaddy), Ana Matronic, Del Marquis and Paddy Boom.

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