MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall says let voters decide whether to accept Michele Bachmann's anti-gay views.

In a segment aired Monday, Hall spoke with radio host Michael Smerconish about allegations that the Christian family clinic run by the Minnesota Representative's husband, Marcus, attempts to “cure” gay people. Mr. Bachmann has denied the claims.

Michele Bachmann, who previously warned that the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts would lead to polygamy and “things much worse” and has said that being gay is “part of Satan,” has refused to talk about her views on gay rights since formally declaring as a presidential candidate.

The inspiration for Hall's segment was a story reporting that gay rights groups were preparing an assault on Bachmann.

Hall, however, suggested opponents should just accept Bachmann for who she is.

“It is one thing obviously for people to say they disagree with Congresswoman Bachmann and say that the things that she says are hateful – whatever,” Hall said. “I am though intrigued by the number of people who want to change her opinion rather than accept that it is her view. … I am intrigued by how her husband’s clinic wants to ‘pray the gay away’ for some people and others would like to pray or inject into her their philosophy, their thoughts and their beliefs. I am intrigued by that.”

“Why not accept her for who she is or who she says she is and decide if you are willing to vote for someone like that,” she added. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

While Bachmann continues to talk about gay marriage, she has confined her remarks to her endorsement of a federal amendment banning such unions, prompting gay rights groups to suggest she is attempting to erase her history of anti-gay rhetoric.