The U.S. Senate late Monday confirmed the nomination of Paul Oetken to the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, gay weekly the Washington Blade reported.

Oetken's nomination was approved by an overwhelming 80 to 13 vote. He becomes the first openly gay male federal judge in U.S. history.

New York Senator Charles Schumer recommended Oetken for the bench and President Barack Obama nominated him in January.

“As the first openly gay man to be confirmed as a federal judge, Paul Oetken is living proof that it really does get better,” said Schumer in a statement, referring to gay activist Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project.

“His confirmation moves us one step closer toward equality. But long after today, what the history books will remember about Paul are his achievements as a fair and brilliant judge, his unwavering dedication to public service and the Constitution of the United States, and his commitment to the rule of law.”

Two additional out judges, Alison Nathan and Edmund Dumont, have also been nominated by Obama to serve on federal benches.

In May, Barbara Lenk became the fist openly gay judge to serve on Massachusetts' highest court, the Supreme Judicial Court.