Gay GOP group GOProud is ready to back Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann for president if she wins the Republican nomination.

While the group's president Chris Barron told that he is “troubled” by some of the candidate's anti-gay rhetoric – specifically her support for a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage – Jimmy LaSalvia, the group's executive director, is quoted in a Yahoo! News story as saying his group has requested meetings with GOP presidential candidates, including Bachmann.

“We have requested a meeting with Michele Bachmann,” LaSalvia told the site's political blog The Ticket. “We've made this request, as with the other requests, in good faith. The group plans to “discuss issues important to gay conservatives.”

The Ticket notes that GOProud's 10-point list of legislative priorities includes only one issue that directly affects gay men and lesbians: opposition to a federal amendment banning gay marriage.

Bachmann as recently as two weeks ago told the Christian Broadcasting Network's (CBN) David Brody that she would work to defend state-enacted gay marriage bans and believes there is a need for a federal amendment.

“As president of the United States, I will not appoint activist judges who legislate from the bench,” Bachmann said. “I will appoint constitutionalist judges who revere and uphold our constitution. I believe that this is such a fundamental issue to our nation – the strengthening of the family and the importance of marriage between a man and a woman – that I will stand for that as President of the United States.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

LaSalvia added that his group is dedicated to placing any Republican in the White House, which would include Bachmann.

“We are committed to defeating Barack Obama in 2012,” LaSalvia said. “And want to be helpful to whoever secures the GOP nomination.”