Kevin Alejandro has promised romance this season between his gay character on True Blood and Nelson Ellis' character.

Alejandro's Jesus was brought in last season of the vampire drama to play the love interest of flamboyant gay prostitute and blood dealer Lafayette Reynolds (played by Ellis).

In a new interview with, Alejandro, 35, promised romance in the new season, which started two weeks ago.

“What makes Jesus and Lafayette work is just how opposite of each other they are, you know, it's a nice balance. I think with any relationship you need a balance, you know, you can't have too much of one thing without tipping the scale in a direction that doesn't need to be tipped.”

“He's a lot more adventurous, risque, so to speak, and I'm a little bit more normal,” he said.

When asked if the relationship this season would become sexier, Alejandro said, “definitely.”

“This season is a really great season for both of us.”

“You get to see some really nice intimate moments and some crazy off-the-wall stuff,” he added.

The Mexican-American actor previously played gay on the second season of HBO's Big Love.