Country music star Chely Wright says she is outraged over the bullying of gay teens and the inequities LGBT people face.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter came out lesbian in an interview with People magazine last year. In that interview, Wright called her coming out “magical” and revealed that she once believed she could alter her sexual orientation by praying it away.

Wright continued to talk about her coming out in her memoir Like Me: Confessions of a Country Singer and in subsequent interviews. Her high-profile coming out is the subject of the documentary Wish Me Away.

During an in-depth interview on the PBS series OVERHEARD, Wright told host Evan Smith that much of the anti-gay rhetoric is being fueled by churches.

“One of the symptoms of being human is that fear eclipses hope. And I suffer from it as well,” she said in an attempt to explain anti-gay discrimination. “But I'm personally outraged.”

“I am a Christian, but many of our churches are fueling this fire. And we as a Christian world, a Christian nation, you know, by and large, we somehow abandon all good thinking and walk like a bunch of zombies when we are told by somebody behind a pulpit what to do, think, say, or feel.”

“It breaks my heart. In all that we've seen in the past year with suicides and beatings of young gay people – and older gay people, as well – those of us in the LGBT community know that this is not new.”

Wright added that for every positive It Gets Better video, opponents raise their voices even louder. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)