Singer Lady Gaga has landed in Australia, where she has urged lawmakers to legalize gay marriage.

In her first television interview since arriving, the Born This Way singer talked to A Current Affair's Tracy Grimshaw before a live audience.

When Grimshaw asked whether she would be speaking out in favor of marriage equality during her trip, Lady Gaga answered: “Yes. I'm very excited to be performing in the town hall. Let's just say that will be a nice political moment for all of us.”

“Absolutely,” she continued. “And what I am so against is the way that certain laws or restrictions on certain things send a message that one person is more valuable than another.”

Grimshaw asked the 25-year-old Lady Gaga if she thought Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who lives with her partner Tim Mathieson but has never married, is hypocritical for not supporting gay marriage.

“I wouldn't say that it's hypocritical. It's everyone's personal choice the way they live their lives. But I do believe that it is wrong to deny people all over the country the ability to marry. I believe in marriage equality. I would just encourage all of you to mobilize your voices so that the prime minister of Australia can hear you scream and speak and say we want to be fully equal. We want to get married.”

“Let's inspire them [lawmakers] to be modern … it's 2011, get on with it,” Lady Gaga said.

After the interview, the singer performed for the audience. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)