Socially conservative radio host and author Dennis Prager says gay marriage is understandable, he's only concerned with the consequences.

The 62-year-old Prager made his remarks during a CNN Reliable Sources segment on whether the media is biased toward LGBT rights, in particular New York's recent passage of a gay marriage law. Also appearing on the segment was John Aravosis, founder of

When asked by host Howard Kurtz whether opponents of marriage equality are responsible for the fact that their message is “not resonating as loudly in the press,” Prager said he was sometimes “embarrassed” by gay marriage opponents.

“The problem is that it's an extremely complex answer to a very simple statement,” Prager said. “The heart tugs toward same-sex marriage. Anybody who has a heart and knows any gay person understands the urge and the desire of lesbians and gay men to have the right to marry. It's entirely understandable. However, nobody is asking, including my side, well some on my side, what are the consequences, and the consequences are what worry me.”

Prager went on to suggest that gay marriage harms children.

“When you will teach kids, for example, about anything to do with marriage, if there is same-sex marriage, you will not be allowed to assume that the little girl will marry a boy when she grows up. So, you will have to say first, 'You want to marry a boy or a girl?' If you teach about a king and a queen, you'll have to teach about two kings and two queens. These are the things that worry [me].” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)