The Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC) has suggested Disney's Dumbo is gay in criticizing an RNC appointee.

R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans, was named to the Republican National Committee's (RNC) Finance Committee last week. The committee raises funds for the party's efforts to elect Republicans all across the country.

“I am honored to be a part of the Republican National Committee's effort to advance a pro-growth, pro-free enterprise agenda, especially while working to elect and reelect pro-equality Republicans to office all across the country,” Cooper said in a statement. “[RNC] Chairman [Reince] Priebus has demonstrated that he believes inclusion wins and that our party is strongest when we reach every community. I look forward to working within the party to help ensure we are victorious next November.”

In a post at the FRC blog The Cloakroom titled If you are pro-life and pro-family you should NEVER donate to the Republican Party, the group denounced the appointment by listing some of the accomplishments of the Log Cabin Republicans, including legally challenging “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the law that bars gay and bisexual troops from serving openly, along with a photo of Disney's flying elephant Dumbo.

Bryan Fischer of the Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA) also condemned the appointment with equally colorful language.

“Gay member of RNC finance team: GOP should 'not take a position on social issues,'” Fischer tweeted to followers. “Note to true conservs: GOP just threw us under the bus.”

“Having a pro-gay activist become part of the GOP fund-raising machine is like inviting a slave-owner to be part of the original GOP in 1854,” he added moments later.