Actor Alec Baldwin's incantation to make gay people disappear involves burning a photo of singer George Michael, who is openly gay.

When Baldwin, the star of NBC's 30 Rock, took to Twitter on Friday to urge New York to legalize gay marriage – “Marriage equality... vote yes,” he messaged to his more than 150,000 followers – he was criticized by a gay marriage foe.

“Marriage IS supposed to be a man & women. Remember it's Adam and Eve.. NOT Adam and Steve,” the critic wrote.

“...It's all cool honey,” Baldwin messaged back. “Jesus is down with the gay marriage thing. He called me. In fact, he's very happy.”

“@AlecBaldwin Have you read the Bible.”

“...I was reading it earlier today, searching for quotes to use at my friend's gay wedding,” Baldwin wrote. “...I believe it's 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' But if that threatens you...”

“...go outside, spit on the ground, shake your right leg three times, set fire to a photo of George Michael,” he wrote back, “...then holler 'Sexarama, Hexarama! Queeriosis, Feariosis!' and if you do that 400,000 times … All the gay people will disappear.”

Baldwin later congratulated Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, who is looking forward to marrying her partner in the Empire State.