On Thursday's edition of Countdown (now on Current TV), comedian Janeane Garofalo told host Keith Olbermann that she thinks the debate on gay marriage is “absurd.”

The 46-year-old Garofalo suggested that the arguments of opponents are so outlandish that they cannot be taken seriously.

“It's so absurd that we are even making it something that needs be debated,” Garofalo said of New York's ongoing debate on the issue. “There should be no bar to the human rights that gay people should be partaking of. And to make it seem like it's an opinion – I don't understand that either. Why do people who are willfully ignorant about this or just bigoted about this, why do they get a seat at the table as if it's a legitimate side to an argument?”

The comedian, actress and writer added that she's confused as to why President Barack Obama won't endorse marriage equality, an issue he skirted once again on Thursday.

“I know Barack Obama is an intelligent person who would be fully in support of these human rights,” Garofalo said. “And I don't know what the political calculation is to pretend that you are not fully on board with that.”