Beverly McClellan, who is competing to win NBC's reality series The Voice, says in a cover story with lesbian glossy She that her girlfriend is her heart.

McClellan is among the three openly gay contestants remaining after eight weeks of competition. Also gay are Seattle resident Vicci Martinez, 26, and Nakia, 36. Strong performances have kept the three in the running even as 20 contestants were eliminated, sparking hope that the show's first season winner might be an openly gay artist.

All three have included their partners in the process and in a cover story for lesbian glossy She, McClellan says NBC executives have been supportive of her relationship.

“NBC has been entirely non-judgmental and supportive of everyone's individuality,” McClellan said.

“My girlfriend is my best friend, my lover, my heart,” she added. “I can never thank her enough.”

In comments last month to lesbian entertainment website, the 41-year-old McClellan said she would never deny her partner: “She's my every day. I would never deny her. I don't live like that. She is my life. It was a no-brainer for me. I'm going to live who I am.”