At a book signing tour stop in San Francisco on Thursday, two female activists dumped pink glitter and confetti on former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, POLITICO.COM reported.

“Tim Pawlenty, where is your courage to stand? Stand for reproductive rights! Stand for gay rights!” Nancy Mancias and Chelsea Byers of CODEPINK shouted as they assailed the presidential hopeful, who was seated behind a table signing copies of his book Courage To Stand.

The women continued to yell, “This is San Francisco. Home of gay hero Harvey Milk. Where is your courage to stand for gay rights and reproductive rights!” as an officer quickly escorted them off the premises. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

“This is the home of Harvey Milk,” Medea Benjamin, founder of CODEPINK, said. “This is where people flock around the country to be able to live freely and express themselves as gay and lesbian people. It’s the place where we respect each other and celebrate diversity and to have Tim Pawlenty be there spewing what we consider homophobic attitudes and non inclusive policies in opposition to gay marriage is an affront to people in the Bay area and around the country who believe in equal rights for all.”

The incident was similar to Nick Espinosa's 'gay' glittering of Newt Gingrich last month in Minneapolis, Pawlenty's home state.

During a GOP presidential debate on Monday, Gingrich and Pawlenty reiterated their support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.