Coffee giant Starbucks is under fire for dismissing a gay employee.

Missy Alison, a woman in a lesbian relationship, alleges three female employees at a Centereach, Long Island outlet chided then dismissed an employee in a “brazen” display of homophobia.

Allison shared the letter she penned to Starbucks at her wife's blog Lil Family Blog: 2 Moms, 1 Toddler, and a Lot of Love.

“I have never, in my entire life seen such a gross and unapologetic display of ignorance and intolerance,” she wrote. “I was horrified that my [3-year-old] daughter [Lily] was exposed to that.”

According to Allison's account, a Starbucks manager scolded an employee named Jeffrey in the store for about 15 to 20 minutes.

“She told him that they were not interested in his politics or beliefs and his thoughts were down right offensive to his co-workers. They did not want to hear about his personal life. When Jeffrey pointed out that they ALL talked about their personal lives (during the course of the conversation I learned that the manager had a daughter that went to tennis camp and another one of the women had a birthday coming up so the irony and the hypocrisy of that statement was mind blowing.) That his beliefs were not welcome at Starbucks. She went on, and on and on talking about leadership building workshops where she learned to 'Keep it to herself'.”

“She kept reminding him, 'You are not fired but ...” As if to say, you are not fired but you are really not welcome here anymore.”

While conceding she did not know the specifics of the outburst, Allison added, “[I] know that worker was attacked and humiliated on the middle of your shop floor. I don't care what his offense was, that sort of business should be conducted in a back room.”

“She was bigoted, intolerant, insensitive and no matter how upset she was at Jeffrey, her comments and sentiments should not have been overheard by one of your customers, gay or not.”

Reacting to the controversy, Starbucks said in a statement that they would investigate the matter but refused to disclose what, if any, disciplinary actions would be taken.

“We are disheartened by the allegations reported in an East Coast Starbucks store and are taking immediate measures to investigate and take any steps necessary to make this right. The actions reported do not correspond with our values, who we are as a company or the beliefs we try to instill in our partners,” the company said.