New York Senator Roy McDonald on Tuesday became the second Republican to pledge his support for gay marriage, the Times-Union reported.

McDonald's endorsement puts proponents of making New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage within earshot of wedding bells. One additional GOP senator would clinch a win in the Senate for marriage equality.

The previously undecided McDonald, who represents parts of Albany, joins another Republican, Senator James Alesi, and three Democrats, Senators Joseph Addabbo, Shirley Huntley and Carl Kruger, who voted against a similar measure in 2009 but now say they've had a change of heart.

“My vote is going to be for marriage,” McDonald told reporters. “I think it's compassion, trying [to] do the right thing, trying to get everyone to live together.”

“I'm trying to do the right thing,” he added. “Rather than wait I worked with the governor … I'm not out to alienate anybody. This is driven by compassion.”

“My lifestyle is my lifestyle – I don't want anyone telling me or my children what to do. We've got 20 million people in this state … we can't be paralyzed by social issues.”

An overwhelming number of the comments on McDonald's Facebook page cheered the news, but a few posters jeered his decision.

Republicans have been warned by the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) and the Conservative Party not to vote in favor of the proposed legislation. Both say they'll fight the reelection campaigns of any GOPer that votes for the measure.