An intern working in the office of Florida Congressman Allen West has become an unexpected casualty of Tracy Morgan's anti-gay rant.

Morgan apologized on Friday for making controversial remarks during a comedy routine in Nashville that included saying he would stab his son to death if he found out he was gay. On Monday, the 30 Rock star agreed to meet with troubled gay kids in New York City.

West, an opponent of gay rights, re-tweeted a message from Ana Matronic of the alternative rock band Scissor Sisters: “Dear Tracy Morgan's son: if you are gay, you can TOTALLY come live with me. We'll read James Baldwin & watch Paris is Burning. XxANA.”

“Thanks for the support Congressman West!” Matronic messaged back.

But, according to Roll Call, the tweet was quickly deleted, and replaced with an apology: “Very sorry about the unauthorized RT. We were not hacked, an intern made an error. Apologies to all.” The paper also reported that the intern was fired.

In addressing Phyllis Schlafly's socially conservative Eagle Forum earlier this month, West suggested that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would destroy society, and added that “the term 'gay marriage' is an oxymoron.”