During Sunday's telecast of the 65th annual Tony Awards, host Neil Patrick Harris opened the show with a musical tune promising that Broadway is Not Just For Gays Anymore

Harris, the star of CBS' How I Met Your Mother, ran down the aisles enlisting the help of straight audience members.

“Stephen Colbert, you're straight as they come, any thoughts?” Harris asks.

“I enjoy the theater; I've enjoyed it all my life; I enjoy it with my female woman wife,” Colbert sings.

“Look at this, it's amazing,” Harris shouts as he walks up the aisle. “Look at all these straight people. James Earl Jones, you're straight. Vanessa Williams, you're straight. Joe Mantello … thanks for coming.”

When Harris comes across Brooke Shields, he jokes, “Brooke Shields, you're super hot, you made me think I was straight for like 23 years, any comments?” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The song was written by David Javerbaum, the former executive of The Daily Show.

During the show, the AIDS drama The Normal Heart won the Tony for best revival. Taking the stage with the play's producers, writer Larry Kramer said: “To gay people everywhere, whom I love so dearly, The Normal Heart is our history. I could not have written it had not so many needlessly died. Learn from it and carry on the fight. Let them know that we are a very special people, an exceptional people, and that, our day will come.”

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