California Congressman John Garamendi, a strong supporter of gay marriage, on Wednesday turned down Stephen Colbert's marriage proposal.

Colbert, the host of cabler Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, dropped in on the Democratic representative during the show's Better Know a District segment.

After agreeing that he opposed California's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, Garamendi signaled that he would support Colbert's decision to marry a man.

“Would you marry me?” Colbert asked.

A surprised Garamendi was left speechless.

“I'm not really asking you to marry me,” Colbert said. “I'm just saying theoretically. If you were gay and I was gay, would you marry me?”

“I'm not sure you're my type,” Garamendi answered, then, as Colbert looked crushed, he added, “Don't take that as an insult. I'm quite happily married.”

“Why should I?” Colbert bristled. “You get the courage up to ask someone to marry you and they immediately – don't have to even think about it – they just say no.”

“If you think I'm fat just say so,” Colbert whined.

“I have another image in mind,” Garamendi said.

“Is it Allan?” Colbert asked.

“No,” Garamendi answered.

“It's Allan,” Colbert insisted, then added: “Let's move on. You obviously don't want to deal with the issue.”