Social conservatives are outraged at retail giant Old Navy's decision to sell 2 Gay Pride t-shirts through the end of June.

Old Navy began selling the t-shirts last Wednesday in 26 stores nationwide.

“We are proud to support the new @OldNavy Gay Pride tees. Yay for all kinds of families!” the retailer tweeted to its more than 44,000 followers last week.

One shirt exclaims “Love Proudly” in rainbow colors, while a second offers a rainbow flag on a black background. Both include the tagline, “Pride 2011 Old Navy.”

Commenters on Old Navy's Facebook page said the shirts sold out quickly in many stores.

Gary Cass of the Christian conservative group Defend Christians told One News Now that the shirts were a “complete rebellion against God.”

“Rather [than] just focusing on giving good products to their customers, they want to use their products now to advocate for a very controversial topic, much less a very immoral and deadly topic,” Cass said.

“Unfortunately we have to do the hard work of communicating our outrage, our frustration – and then following that up with some kind of practical expression such as taking your business elsewhere,” he added.