Actress Marsha Thomason, who plays lesbian special agent Diana Barrigan on the detective series White Collar, says she's honored to play gay.

Cabler USA Network premiered the third season of the show on Tuesday.

And while Diana's sexual orientation isn't a secret, her girlfriend Christie remains a mystery.

But in an interview with lesbian entertainment website, the 35-year-old Thomason said that would change this season: “I used to joke that last season, Diana would be arriving home and calling out Christie's name but Christine was, for some reason, never home. I was like, 'She has a phantom girlfriend. She doesn't even have a girlfriend. She's a liar!' So this year you'll meet her girlfriend and Christie.”

Producers have recruited 30-year-old Israeli actress Moran Atias to play the role of Christie. Atias appeared in last year's The Next Three Days, which starred Russell Crowe.

Thomason said Christie will appear in the third episode of the new season, and added that she was honored to play lesbian.

“People are people and I feel like Diana is who she is, and being gay is one small part of who she is. I just play the truth of what's on the page. No, I didn't feel I had to do anything special, although I'm definitely aware of the fact it's a real honor to play an out lesbian character on a show because it's a voice we haven't been hearing a lot.”

“I do think things are changing in television,” she added. “There are more gay characters on TV now than there ever have been. I'm so glad to be a part of that.”