GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has called the Massachusetts gay community inconsistent on gay rights, suggesting it is to blame for his opposition to gay marriage.

The former one-term Massachusetts governor who last week formally declared for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination appears Tuesday night on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

In a clip released by the cable network, Morgan asks the Republican to clarify his position on gay rights, prompting Romney to go on the defensive, blaming activists for altering their wants.

“When you say you're in favor of gay rights, you're not, you're in favor of some,” Morgan said, then added, “Am I right?”

“What happened was the gay community changed their perspective as to what they wanted,” Romney answered.

“When I ran for governor, one of the big issues was marriage, gay marriage. My opponent said she'd sign a bill in favor of gay marriage. I said that I would not. I oppose same-sex marriage.”

Romney added that he opposes workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, noting that he appointed several judges who later came out gay.

“For instance, as the governor, I had members of my team that were gay. I appointed a couple of judges who apparently I found out were gay. Look, I didn't ask people their sexual orientation.”

When Morgan asked Romney if his Mormon faith means “that you view homosexuality as a sin,” Romney took a pass.

“That's something that you can take up with the church. I'm not a spokesman for my church,” he said. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)