In an interview with Time Out Chicago, Darren Criss said his romance with Chris Colfer on the Fox musical-comedy Glee is solid.

Criss' out-and-proud Blaine Anderson began romancing Colfer's Kurt Hummel during the second season of the hit show. Before the curtain fell on the season, the choir boys declared their love to each other.

But any Gleek knows love at William McKinley High is often fleeting and what fans want to know is will Blaine and Kurt stay together.

When asked if the couple will become more intimate next year, Criss answered: “Something as big as gay teens on television, you gotta take things a step at a time. I'm just interested in their relationship. I really hope that they can continue to learn from each other and grow as people.”

And when the interviewer insisted that his character's relationship had been de-sexualized, Criss defended the couple as the show's most solid union: “Um, honestly, no, I disagree. I don't see that. I see them as the standout couple that is much more solid than some of the other relationships, and to make any big jumps from that could potentially dismantle the security they have.”