Actor Jason Stuart has joined James Duke Mason's Trailblazer campaign.

Nineteen-year-old Mason, the son of singer Belinda Carlisle, launched the campaign, which urges gay actors to leave the closet, with his own 3-minute-40-second video.

“It's going to take a movement to beat the naysayers who would rather we remain silent, scared and afraid,” Mason says in the campaign's inaugural video. (Related: Mason and his mother talk coming out.)

In his 2-minute-17-second video, Stuart says he pursued acting to escape his abusers.

“When I was really young, I had this sad childhood, and I was beat up, and I was bullied, and I was, you know, followed home from school, and attacked and verbally abused. And I thought that being a big star would change all that.”

“Well, I didn't become a really big star, but I did become a working actor,” he says. “I've been in over 150 film and TV shows as an actor and comedian. And since coming out, my work is better.”

“When you are out,” he adds, “you're out for me and I'm out for you and we're not alone.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Stuart will appear later this year in the gay-themed romantic comedy Finding Mr. Wright.