Eight New York state senators say they are undecided on a proposed gay marriage bill.

According to a survey of all 62 lawmakers by newspaper giant Gannett, 5 Republicans and 3 Democrats are on the fence, giving supporters hope that the upcoming vote might succeed.

A similar Senate vote in 2009, when Democrats controlled the chamber, failed by eight votes, but supporters have picked up two votes in the current session.

Four Republicans who voted against the measure – Senators Kemp Hannon, Roy McDonald, James Alesi and Stephen Saland – now say they're rethinking their stance. Alesi attended a gay marriage fundraiser last week, but didn't comment one way or the other. Freshman Senator Greg Ball, who voted against the measure as an assemblyman, is also undecided.

Brian Ellner of the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign (HRC), told Gannett that he believes there are more than eight undecided votes in the Senate.

“I think there are many undecided members of the Senate, and we're working very hard to make it clear to all of them that this is, of course, a moderate mainstream issue that a supermajority of New Yorkers support – and that the time is now,” Ellner said, referring to a recent poll that found 58% of New Yorkers support the institution's legalization. However, a second survey found residents split right down the middle with 50 percent in favor.

The paper identified three undecided Democrats who voted against the measure in 2009: Senators Joseph Addabbo, Shirley Huntley and Carl Kruger. Kruger has since been outed as gay by the New York Post.