Go-Go's singer Belinda Carlisle has said she was “shocked” to find out her son James Duke Mason is gay.

“It was shocking,” Carlisle said in a videotaped conversation with her son. “Even though, as you know, my friends, most of them are gay and lesbian.”

Mason, 19, an actor who appeared in last year's What Happens Next, recently launched a video campaign urging gay actors to leave the closet. So far, actors Chad Allen, Nicholas Downs and Mike Manning have recorded videos in support of Mason's Trailblazers campaign.

When Mason asked if his mother had seriously contemplated that her son might be gay, Carlisle responded, “Yeah, but when you actually said it, it was still shocking. Even though I still had sort of hints along the way. Even though, really at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. But, I mean, it's still shocking.”

Later on, Carlisle said she cannot understand how a parent could reject his or her child for being gay.

“It's your flesh and blood,” she said. “That's your baby.”

Last year, Carlisle told gay glossy The Advocate that she backs gay marriage for her son.