Chris Colfer says his Golden Globe win for playing a gay student on Glee was payback for bullying he endured in high school.

The openly gay actor plays gay student Kurt Hummel on the Fox musical-comedy that ended its second season on Tuesday.

Colfer, who turned 21 on Friday, talked about being bullied during an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

When Morgan asked the actor if his Golden Globe win was “this wonderful moment of payback,” Colfer responded, “Yes! Oh, God, yes! Yes! And those individuals, I just – it's almost like you want to say, 'Suck it' to them, like right there.”

When asked how he felt about being bullied, Colfer said: “I was just embarrassed, because I walked by these people I barely knew in the hallway and they just screamed profanities at me that I didn't think were true at the time. And, of course, everyone else in the hallway would laugh.”

“It's embarrassing and it's uncalled for, especially when they don't know you and you don't know them … it was heart-wrenching,” he added.

Colfer dedicated his Golden Globe to bullied kids.

He also told Morgan that conservatives love Glee and his gay character.