Don't expect actresses Miley Cyrus and Keira Knightley to cheer when former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum officially launches his presidential bid.

According to ABC News, Santorum will become the seventh Republican candidate to enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination during the week of June 5. Also officially declared are former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and Texas Representative Ron Paul.

Openly gay candidate Fred Karger was the first Republican to officially enter the race.

Santorum, who created a firestorm of controversy in 2003 when he likened gay unions to “man on dog” and in January said opposition to gay rights is “common sense,” has recently gone on the defensive, denying that he's homophobic and insisting that he has friends who are gay.

Cyrus took to Twitter to take a swipe at Santorum, messaging to her more than 1 million followers that Urban Outfitters has donated to Santorum's previous campaigns. “'IF WE ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE NEXT THING U KNOW PEOPLE WILL BE MARRYING GOLD FISH' – Rick Santorum UO contributed $13,000 to this mans campaign.”

When messaged back, “@MileyCyrus what happened to that Christian girl from TN with descent moral values and a lot of heart?” the teen pop sensation responded, “what an ignorant statement. I don't have 'alot of heart' cuz im not gonna be a closed minded hypocrite? LOVE IS LOVE. GOD IS LOVE.”

During a May 9 appearance on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Knightley said Googling Santorum had taken away her innocence, referring to the search engine's top result that redefines the meaning of “santorum.”

Host Jon Stewart asked whether that would hurt Santorum's chances at winning the Republican nomination.

“Maybe that's a great thing,” Knightley responded.