Adam Pally, who plays gay on the ABC comedy Happy Endings, is fairly certain he's got a gay fan base.

With the midseason sitcom renewed for a second season, Pally talked about his average Joe character Max in an interview with New York Magazine's Vulture blog.

“The gays love me,” the openly straight Pally said. “The gays love me.”

“I've gotten a lot of Facebook messages from people who say it's an inspirational character. I got one really nice message from a kid who said that I inspired him to come out to his parents and I thought that was really beautiful. I could have never imagined doing that. I just play this guy like an asshole. I don't even think about stuff like that. So that was really great.”

“Then there's some weird stuff. Someone tweeted at my wife asking her to send them shirtless pictures, to which she wrote back and said, 'why.' She couldn't understand why they would want that. I was like, come on, send the pics!”