Chile's largest gay rights group Movimiento Chileno de Minorias Sexuales (MOVILH) on Tuesday called for a national march in support of gay marriage.

“It's time to mobilize,” the group said. “It seems the only way officials listen. We are confident that we will be thousands and thousands of people.”

The June 25 demonstration will be held in the nation's capital and largest city, Santiago, starting at 3PM at the Plaza Italia.

The action comes 10 months after Senator Fulvio Rossi, the president of the Socialist Party, implied the Roman Catholic Church had strong-armed four senators to withdraw their support for his gay marriage bill. Rossi insisted the church's loud criticism would not deter him and that he would not withdraw his bill. However, the measure has gained little traction.

The group said it wanted to send a message to President Sebastian Pinera, a conservative lawmaker elected in January who supports the legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples but not marriage. Pinera has on several occasions suggested he would back a civil unions bill, but such a proposal has yet to materialize.

The group said additional regional marches were also being planned.