An ABC News Primetime undercover segment on how passersby react to a waitress belittling a gay family has been labeled “propaganda” by the anti-gay marriage group National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

In the recently aired segment titled Gay Parents Bashed, John Quinones secretly videotapes the reactions of diners in a Texas restaurant when a waitress berates a gay couple in public.

The people being bashed are actors, but the diners are real.

“It's bad enough that you're lesbians, but that they don't have a father I think that's kind of bad,” the waitress tells a lesbian couple with two children.

“You don't feel uncomfortable? People watching you?” she asks. “I mean isn't it bad for the kids?”

Remarkably, more than half of the diners came to the defense of the gay couple, even when the female parents were replace with men. Some even become angry.

“What's offensive to the kids is what you're doing,” says a female patron. “You're disturbing their family.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

In a blog entry titled ABC News Propaganda: People who Think Children Need Moms and Dads are Intolerant Bigots Who Accost Families in Restaurants, NOM chided the network.

“The insidious propaganda point from ABC News is the suggestion that millions of good Americans who believe marriage means a man and a woman because children ought to have moms and dads, would or are behaving like this. Shame on ABC.”

“Be prepared for lot more prejudiced stereotyping of decent and honorable Americans down the road by powerful elites,” the group ads.