Will Sheridan, a former Villanova basketball player who announced on Monday that he's gay, says there is more homophobia in the Black community than elsewhere.

Sheridan came forward a day after Phoenix Suns' CEO and President Rick Welts came out of the closet in an interview with the New York Times.

The 26-year-old Sheridan discussed his sexuality during an appearance on ESPN's Outside The Lines.

When asked why he decided to come out, Sheridan replied: “I'm kind of over it. Everyone close to me knows. Everyone who matters to me knows. I'm at a point where someone else can learn from my experience.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

In an interview with gay sports website Outsports, Sheridan added that he came out because he didn't want to be outed by someone else.

“I'm an artist and if you listen to any of my songs, it's all in my music and I'd rather just come out than be brought out,” he said, referring to his 4-track album, Ngoma, which is Swahili for music, released in October. “I'd rather do it [myself] rather than somebody say, 'He said he was a queen in a song.'”

When asked, “Do you think there is more homophobia in the Black community than elsewhere?” Sheridan answered: “Yes, of course.”

“I think the black community has stronger ties to the church, because of slavery and trying to have faith on the slave ships and trying to have faith during the oppression of slavery and then trying to have faith during the civil rights struggle and trying to get equality. And also trying to present themselves in a presentable manner to white America, and trying to be an upstanding member of the community and being part of the church is very important. Black people are more invested in church, which ultimately ties to being homophobic.”