Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla isn't opposed to a favorable ruling on gay marriage, the Tico Times reported.

The 52-year-old Chinchilla talked about the issue during the last day of a 6-day U.S. tour that ended in California.

On Monday, two gay couples filed a legal challenge to marry in the Latin American country.

When asked about the case, Chinchilla, who said in 2009 that she does not support gay marriage, said she continues to support marriage as a heterosexual institution, but added that if a Costa Rican court allowed gay and lesbian couples to marry, she wouldn't oppose the ruling.

Gay marriage, however, isn't part of her “national agenda.”

“There are complex issues that require us to prioritize, such as employment or security,” Chinchilla said. “Obviously, if there is a decision of a court of law, we could not object to it.”

Currently, 10 mostly European countries allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. Argentina last year became the first Latin American country to legalize the institution. Gay couples can marry in the city-state of Mexico City and those marriages are recognized throughout Mexico. A Brazilian court recently ruled in favor of granting gay couples limited rights often associated with marriage, but a marriage license remains out of reach.