Fox News has responded to criticism over a Chaz Bono hit piece by removing it from their website.

In the article, titled Inside the Mind of Chaz Bono, Bono, who in several interviews, his memoir Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man and the documentary Becoming Chaz has opened up about his ongoing gender reassignment is accused of suffering from a “psychotic delusion” by Fox News psychiatrist and contributor Dr. Keith Ablow.

“First, Chaz Bono is not a man,” Ablow wrote.

“Second, while Chaz Bono may feel that her journey toward self-acceptance has ended, I am not convinced. I say this because, absent the gender politics involved, I was taught to consider Chaz Bono's contention that she is male as a psychotic delusion – a fixed and false belief.”

Ablow compares transitioning to “bending reality to conform to a person's psychosis,” and adds that it's not a good idea.

“I think Chaz Bono, who is, in fact, a woman, will not escape, through surgery or manipulation of hormones, suffering that is far more than skin deep.”

The article published on Tuesday was removed the following day after several blogs, including Think Progress and Equality Matters, criticized the article.