On the eve of New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.'s rally against a plan to legalize gay marriage in the state, Archbishop of New York Timothy Michael Dolan has warned against the institution, calling it “Orwellian social engineering.”

The archbishop, an outspoken opponent of marriage equality, said in a blog posting, titled Marriage: The Core Of Every Civilization, that the Catholic Church “affirms the dignity of those with same-sex attractions” but would not back allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

“The definition of marriage is a given: It is a lifelong union of love and fidelity leading, please God, to children, between one man and one woman.”

“The definition of marriage is hardwired into our human reason.”

“To uphold that traditional definition, to strengthen it, and to defend it is not a posture of bigotry or bullying,” Dolan wrote. “Nor is it a denial of the 'right' of anybody. As the philosophers remind us, in a civilized, moral society, we have the right to do what we ought, not to do whatever we want. Not every desire is a right.”

“To tamper with that definition, or to engage in some Orwellian social engineering about the nature and purpose of marriage, is perilous to all of us. If the definition of marriage is continually being altered, could it not in the future be morphed again to include multiple spouses or even family members.”

“If big, intrusive government can re-define the most basic, accepted, revealed truth that marriage simply means one man + one woman + (hopefully) children, in a loving family, then I'm afraid Orwell's works will no longer be on the fiction shelf.”

In a March interview with the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes, Dolan said gay and lesbian unions are “beautiful and noble,” but not good enough for marriage.