In a New York Times article published Friday, Hudson Taylor said he “loves” Ben Cohen for standing up against homophobia.

“I love what he's doing,” the 24-year-old Taylor told the paper. “We need more Ben Cohens in this world.”

Taylor, the Columbia University wrestling coach who founded the anti-homophobia website, was referring to Cohen's Acceptance Tour, a four-city tour against homophobia in sports that kicks off next week in Atlanta. The rugby star will also host events in Washington, Seattle and New York City.

“He has a platform that allows the message to carry farther and ring louder than my own,” Taylor added. “We need more allies in positions of power to speak out.”

The openly straight athletes appeared united in sending the message that ending homophobia, particularly in the world of sport, will only happen when straight people become involved.

“In a lot of people's minds, it's not a straight person's issue,” Taylor said. “That's an obstacle that has to be overcome.”

“It's massively important,” Cohen, 32, added. “Massively. Of course it is. I'm the other side of that bridge.”