Openly gay MSNBC host Thomas Roberts wants Tina Fey's 30 Rock character to fall in love with him.

Roberts, who recently became a full time anchor on cabler MSNBC, would like a recurring role on the NBC comedy hit 30 Rock.

In the recent episode Everything Sunny All The Time Always, Thomas guest starred as himself, delivering the news that Jack Donaghy's wife Avery had been detained in North Korea by dictator Kim Jong-il.

“One of our own, Avery Jessup-Donaghy, detained in North Korea. More on that as it develops,” Thomas reported from the MSNBC desk. “But first it's never too early to plan your dog's Halloween costume.”

In an interview with gay blog Towleroad, Roberts said he wants more time on the sitcom.

“I am hoping for a recurring role,” Roberts said.

Then, referring to Fey's character, he added, “Maybe Liz Lemon can develop a crush on me only to find out that I play for the other team.”

Thomas also spoke about his recent It Gets Better video, in which he shared that he had considered suicide at the age of 15.

“That was a very low point in my very young life,” Thomas said. “My parents had recently divorced. I was suffering some tremendous growing pains and I was being sexually abused by my high school chaplain. The weight of all that shame seemed unbearable and I thought suicide was the only way to freedom from what my day to day life had become.”