Three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champion John G. “Johnny” Weir opposes the Olympic appointment of Peter Vidmar, an outspoken foe of gay marriage.

Vidmar was named chef de mission for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team last week by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The two-time Olympic gold medalist and chairman of USA Gymnastics will share the post with Aimee Mullins. Together they'll provide overall leadership to Team USA.

Weir, who recently came out gay in his memoir Welcome to my World, told the Chicago Tribune that he disagrees with the pick.

“It's wrong,” Weir, a two-time Olympian, said. “I certainly wouldn't want to be represented by someone who is anti gay marriage. It isn't just about marriage, it is being allowed equal rights as Americans.”

“The fact this man who is very publicly against something that may be represented on the American team is disgraceful,” he added.

The 49-year-old Vidmar, a Mormon who supported passage of Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban, disagreed, saying he respects all athletes.

“I fully respect the rights of everyone to have the relationships they want to have,” Vidmar said. “I respect the rights of all our athletes, regardless of their race, their religion or their sexual orientation. I will cheer and do all I can, passionately, for every athlete on the U.S. Olympic team.”