Dustin Zito, who acknowledge his gay porn past to his girlfriend on last week's episode of MTV's The Real World: Las Vegas, insists he's not homophobic.

Zito previously appeared as “Spencer” on gay porn sites FratMen.com and FratPad.com.

Now 24, he's living his life in front of cameras on the reality show's 25th season.

In an earlier episode, Zito told one roommate: “People were put on the Earth for one fucking reason and it is to reproduce.”

And he waited well into the season before reluctantly telling his girlfriend about his gay porn past.

“You got taped having sex,” Heather said. “It's all over the Internet.”

“Wait, what? I didn't get taped having sex. Yeah, OK, I got naked and stuff. There wasn't no touching involved.”

“So, you never did anything where you touched anyone else?” she asked.

“On a video, yes, I did,” Zito replied.

In an interview with Ology.com, Zito insisted he's not homophobic, but opposed to aggressive come ons from guys.

“I was raised in a very strict religious upbringing, where being gay was wrong,” he said. “And as I grew, I talked to people and I learned hey, there's nothing wrong with this. … The only thing is … a lot of people know that I say I'm straight, but they wanna test me. They wanna turn me gay.”

“A lot of gay people come at me in the wrong way,” he added.

“I'm not homophobic. I have no problems with gay people,” he continued. “I'm just intimidated by aggressive gay people! I understand where girls come from, when guys come up to them in the club and grab ass and say rude and disrespectful things. I know what that feels like now.”

When asked what he regretted most from the show, Zito said: “I guess it would be being more open about my past – my porn past.”