Gay media watchdog GLAAD is calling on a Fox affiliate station to apologize for airing a segment that likened being gay to intravenous drug use.

KRIV-26, the Fox affiliate in Houston, broadcast a segment last week titled Is TV Too Gay?

In the segment, producers targeted Glee's recently aired anti-bullying episode.

The episode's most incendiary moment came when gay student Kurt Hummel zips open his hoodie to reveal a t-shirt that says “LIKES BOYS” before the cast sings Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

Bryan Fischer of the Christian conservative American Family Association (AFA) called the show “product placement” in the segment.

“[A]dvertisers purchase time on television programs because they know that what people see on television influences their behavior and influences their choices,” Fischer said. “We should not glamorize it [gay relationships] anymore than we would glamorize intravenous drug use.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

GLAAD criticized the station's decision to air Fischer's anti-gay rhetoric.

“Brian Fischer is an extremist with no qualifications to offer the discussion apart from his bigotry,” the group said in a statement. “FOX Houston gave Fischer a platform to broadcast his anti-gay rhetoric in the nation's fourth largest city and the 10th largest media market. And rather than challenge him, the host, Damali Keith, contributed her own uninformed and anti-gay commentary.”

“Today a vast majority of Americans support gay and lesbian youth, who still too often face bullying and discrimination,” GLAAD President Jarred Barrios said. “FOX Houston needs to send a clear message to young viewers that it is okay to be who you are.”

The group has launched a petition drive against the station.