America's acceptance of gay unions is responsible for the mortgage crisis, Linda Harvey of the Christian conservative group Mission America claims.

In an op-ed titled The Sin-Based Family posted at the group's website, Harvey argues that gay marriage has weakened America's foundation.

“Families constructed around sexual deviance stand in defiance of God’s eternally-revealed truth. No matter how 'conservatively' and faithfully two men or two women operate as they consider themselves a marital union, the structure is still in defiance of God’s created order of male and female as the framework for marriage,” Harvey writes.

Unlike a straight couple, two men, Harvey says, cannot “consummate” their relationship, which means they cannot be unified “structurally.”

“Just as a child is far less likely to suffer abuse in the home of his/her married, heterosexual parents, so the opposite is true. Where the structure is sin-based, other sins are more likely to scurry in through the cracks. Substance abuse and self-destruction accompany sexual deviance. And some of this means poor decisions about finances.”

Tolerance of gay households has increased societal ills, such as “infidelity, divorce, gambling or porn addictions, job instability, credit card default, domestic abuse, sexual deviance,” more children being born out of wedlock and declining church attendance.

She goes on to liken gay unions to “termites.”

“Like the home inspector who focuses on a leaky faucet and ignores termites, we need to see the reality before us and stop thinking it will vanish,” she adds. “Trusting Christ as our Solid Rock and God's timeless parameters for every family will improve our lives, our nation and not coincidentally, our economy.”